28 grudnia, 2016

The year 2016 was the one of interesting projects and important decisions for eEngine which will have a significant influence on the direction of the company’s development for the next few years. What makes me happy is the fact that today we certainly have a much stronger team than ever before.

What did we do well in 2016?

Mobile site of PZU is definitely the most requiring and technologically advanced project realized by us last year. This results from the specifics of a tool which we built for our client. Scraper collects data from the version of a mature site, application reflects it on mobile devices and the whole is managed by the administration panel adjusted to special requirements of PZU. In this key project we had short time of realization, which we had to complete the task. We did it and I am very proud of this.

For me the most important project of 2016 was the realization of new version of Gatta shop with satellite service shops operating within Gatta.pl. domain.This year there has been already third opening taking place of a graphic image of the largely extended shop application and we launched new e-commerce for the other brand of the company – Wola. These are the last projects in which I held the role of the project manager therefore I am glad that I could contribute to their success.

What could we have done better?

In 2016 we made the decision which we postponed for a few years. We closed a mass service for the internet shops operating since 2009 under the brand eCommerce24h. With such a complicated and varied product which is shop software it is extremely difficult to develop the product in accordance with the requirements of all clients, fulfill their expectations, quite opposite though. We faced the decision “quantity” or “quality” and we definitely decided – quality.

This year we planned the construction of the commercial division, unfortunately so far we haven’t managed to recruit proper people who could fulfill these roles in eEngine. I am hoping that in 2017 it will change.

Goals for 2017:

  1. Next recruitments, increasing proportions of persons with soft competences in the team. I would like this to team have at least 30 persons next year.
  2. The new product for e-commerce. We see the needs of maverick approach to shop software which is possible due to currently available technologies. We want to show that in effectiveness and fastness of shop software operation the last word has not been said yet.
  3. The moving to the new office (planned for April). The repair works are underway, we designed a space friendly for creative work.

What is the most important for me?

The company from outside is often perceived as “cool” and with “hype” for technology. This is true: we love to learn new languages of programming and use different tools. Nonetheless, the family values are those which create stability of eEngine and distinguish us against other software houses. Among the team we have friends who we can rely on and this is undoubtedly our largest value we built within eight years of operation on the market.

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