20 czerwca, 2017

Are you starting to work as a project manager in IT, or have you been working on this position for some time and are wondering how others are doing? EEngine presents a handbook that will help you find the right path to victory based on our successes and failures.

I started working as PM in eEngine with no experience in running IT projects, so at the beginning of my adventure I felt like a traveler in a dark cave. The prospect of moving in that cave was dreadfully scary. However, PMwork came to me with help, it is like a torch illuminating the way to a successful completion of a project. The handbook contains information from travelers who went through caves in front of you, experiencing many hindrances on their own skin. They share their insights and experiences, advise on the selection of tools and methods, while encouraging to find your own ways to overcome difficulties.

If you are in a similar situation, or if you are curious about our observations on project management, you can reach the torch here

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