21 stycznia, 2018

Are you interested in IT world? What to do, to make a good impression during your job interview? What you should remember about while sending your résumé to a software company? About this and that we are talking on this livestream video on Facebook.

Last year I wrote an article about, How to get a job in eEngine Software House. 2018 is the year of livestreaming on Facebook, so we thought that eEngine should face that trend. Especially because, since january last year, we have had increase by 200% in job candidates applications. Nice, isn’t it?

From the video above, which is a lifestream record, you will learn:

  • why is it important to learn maximum about the company to which you are applying
  • how to mentally prepare for your job interview
  • how to make your interviewers “fall in love” with you and maximize your chances to get to the second stage of interviews
  • how to show that you are engaged to the recruitment process
  • why is “How?” more important than “What?”

If after watching this video, you will feel like applying for a job in our software house, you can do this for at least two ways:

  • send an email to praca@eengine.pl along with your résumé and few words about yourself. Make sure to write something about “Why do you want to work for us?|
  • fill in the application form in our recruitment section

For those, who are reading this article and facing the recruitment process (here or somewhere else): Good luck! 💪

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