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Workflow which drives us
eEngine Software House
Our team are the people with different, infiltrating competences. While cooperating with us you have an access to a wide range of knowledge and skills of programming web applications.
eEngine Software House
We work stationary as, first of all, we stand up on culture of cooperation and we know that in this way we will provide you with the highest quality and most effective solutions.
eEngine Software House
Depending on specification of your project we will select the best method of software creation for it. After we have familiarized with your idea, we will advice you whether it will be better to use Scrum, Kanban and maybe Waterfall.
eEngine Software House
In order to accelerate work and raise quality of the software generated, we use the most modern tools. We use, for example, Docker, Rollbar or Browserstack.
eEngine Software House
We will also start cooperation with your internal IT section. GitHub helps us to control the version of the software generated effectively, therefore without problems we join our forces in realizing the project.
eEngine Software House
We realize that the software can be „black magic” for the clients. Therefore, we think visually so that the complicated processes could be presented in a simple manner. Finally, one image says more than a thousand of lines of code.
Business analysis and transparency
eEngine Software House
We recognize the needs

At the beginning of cooperation we want to get to know your needs. Therefore before we start to program anything we conduct business analysis which will allow us to understand assumptions and set goals. Everything just to realize your project in the adopted budget and schedule.

eEngine Software House
We automate the works

We reforge complex and time-consuming business processes into work-auomating web applications. We are here to solve complicated problems in the simplest way possible. Our business consultants will provide you with advice and assistance, both in understanding any IT issue and in preparing documentation which describes your idea.

eEngine Software House
Project Manager in Your project

For your project we divided Project Manager which will take care for the course of works in accordance with the schedule, will answer your questions and resolve doubts. This is the man who will be „switched on”, whom you can always ask for help.

eEngine Software House
Transparency of processes

We stand up on transparency of processes which take place during generating the software for the clients. Therefore, we will always inform you on status of your project: what is the progress, what difficulties we encounter what requires specification. Due to this you will have a full insight in how we are creating your product

eEngine Software House
Transparency of all costs

We also take care for transparency of all costs. We settle amounts with our clients under the Time & Material principle taking care for reliable and detail reporting and monitoring of all works which are performed by us within the project. Due to this you will always know how much time a specific task consumed and how much it will cost.

Partnership in running IT projects
  • Communication between the client and us is a key aspect of cooperation. Therefore if you prefer to talk on the phone, we will delegate Project Manager to your project who likes this form of communication. The same refers to email, Slack or Trello. We will choose the tools which will be most comfortable for you and us.
  • We can be flexible in running projects. It means that if you need to increase yout programming resources it is enough to inform us about this and in a short period of time we will involve addtional people for assistance at your application.
  • We are responsible for many succeses and we also experienced failures. You can be sure that during cooperation wih us we will share our experience and observations with you.
  • You can always count on our good will and involvement in the project. We will always expect the same from you. A partnership-type approach and trust for us are the last key elements necessary for the realization of your idea.
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