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EENGINE Software House
Our competences
Automatyzacja procesów
Automation of processes

Time is money. Therefore while planing the implementation or developing the IT product, you should think over the processes which may be optimized. Within our cooperation, we will analyse your business with reference to automation of processes and jointly we will diagnose these areas, which require improvement.

Strategia rozwoju
Strategy of development

People often have an idea for business or a product but they do not know how to start with. Let us do it and rely on our long-term experience. We know where the IT industry heads for, we can use its strongest advantages and we realize dangers. We will conduct the market analysis together and we will plan development strategy for your product.

Konsulting IT
IT consulting

We know how difficult it is sometimes to solve the business problem, which has it source in IT project. Therefore we always try to find the simplest optimum solution. Our business consultants cooperate strictly with the client, conduct analysis of needs, thinking visually and proposing non-typical ideas.

Audyt UX / UI
UX / UI audit

While using the tools for testing behavior of the users we will check what can be improved in information architecture or the processing taking place in your IT project. Our UX / UI audits are based on complex A / B tests and heatmaps. The result of the analysis is to prepare the report for you with specific indications concerning the optimization of the product with reference to utility.

Audyt wydajnościowy
Performance audit

Fastness of operation and failure-free activity of web application and internet shop are the key requirements of the users. We possess know-how and technological background which allows for conducting the analysis of your software and equipment in this respect. The result of your work will be recommendations and notes, which optimise the functioning of your product.

Audyt SEO
SEO audit

High positions in search results do not depend only on text which we aggregate on our website or shop. Also the manner in which our product was designed from the programming side is important. We know how it should look like, we follow the latest trends and information from Google, therefore at any time we can prepare an effective SEO audit for you.

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