Important mission to complete and very restrict budget to do it. A fellowship of no accident people, lead by the right man on the right place. Awareness of big expectations and a promise of a great satisfaction. In brief this is how looks like project managing in EENGINE.

You can know more from PMwork, our handbook for Project Managers.

Project Manager, increase your superpowers!

We know how determined and hardworking you have to be, to achieve success in project management. Often it is a demanding battle, in which we have too little resources of time and manpower. We wrote PMwork to strengthen our Project Managers competences in this challenging quest. After reading it you can gain (or strengthen) following superpowers.

Work planning
Before we act, we plan things. It's crucial in Project Manager's work because he is responsible not only for his task and duties but also the project Team assignments. Strategies, tools, project methodologies - all of it help us to manage IT projects, you'll find in PMwork.
Planowanie pracy
Communication with Developers
Your teammates are the greatest value for IT project you manage. Dlatego kładziemy tak duży nacisk na to, żeby nasi Project Managerowie potrafiali się z nimi skutecznie komunikować. Dzięki PMwork poznasz kluczowe zasady i techniki radzenia sobie w trudnych sytuacjach z Deweloperami.
Komunikacja z Deweloperami
Communication with Clients
Klienci bywają wymagający, a ich projekty skomplikowane. Mamy lata doświadczeń w kontaktach z nimi i wiemy, co działa w kontaktach z Klientami, a czego należy unikać. W PMwork opisujemy szczegółowo charakterystykę komunikacji na linii EENGINE - Klient. Zdradzamy nasze porażki i mówimy o naszych najlepszych praktykach.
Komunikacja z Klientami
User Stories
Imagination is everything in IT. Especially when you have to visualize a functionality, which Client ordered. We don’t have super powers of mind reading but we know how to write user stories and use them in our daily work. PMwork will help you to understand the idea standing behind user stories and their benefits for you, the project and Client.
User Stories
Organization of meetings
How to organize effective meetings? Why even bother and meet with Developers when we could use Slack or an e-mail? Give PMwork a chance and we will convince you to positive thinking about meetings and standups. Most important, we will show you how to organize meetings in the most effective way.
Organizacja spotkań
Chrome extensions
At EENGINE everyone work with Google Chrome. We know how to use it effectively thanks to lots of extensions. We will recommend the best of them to make you better Project Manager. Some of extensions we have mentioned in PMWork.
Wtyczki do Chrome
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