What is the FRIS®

At EENGINE, we perfectly understand that people are more important than equipment or money. Therefore, as an organization, using the Polish research methodology of FRIS®, we strive to understand each other better and better every day. This model is based on four perspectives:

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To put it simple: knowing what your structures are and how to apply them in practice allows you to understand yourself and the world around you better. This is due to the two dimensions on which the examination is built. These are:

  • Thinking Style - defined by one of the perspectives above. This is the way in which we act “automatically” or on the basis of intuition or our internal "DNA" - our natural predispositions.
  • Operating Style - is the sum of our experiences, skills and preferences. It can be created from one or more perspectives and is a natural supplement to the Thinking Style.

The test itself allows us to get to know both dimensions that shape us and thus we can:

  • learn how to use your predispositions at work and in private life;
  • see "yourself" through the eyes of others and better understand why people around us behave the way they behave and not otherwise;
  • discover your potential and find an answer to the question: what am I really good at?
  • get along (communicate) better with other people;
  • discover your superpowers in the team and define areas to improve (or those you should not deal with at all).

What we learned through the examination

You need to know about one very important thing - at EENGINE every team member is examined with the help of FRIS®, thanks to which everyone is aware of their Thinking Style and Operating Style.

Since then we've been using the FRIS® test to examine every new person who joins the EE Team.

The FRIS® made us wake up in a little different reality:

  • people began to communicate better with each other because our mutual understanding increased;
  • cooperation in teams improved because we learned how to cooperate each other in a proper way;
  • thanks to the examination of the entire organization, we know very well which perspectives are strong within us and on which we should work to achieve business Zen.


What does this mean for you?

This is a very important part of this page, so we need your full attention. If you decide to join our team, you can be sure that during the first months of work at EENGINE you will also take part in this examination.

In practice, it means to you that:

  • you will receive a detailed FRIS® report, describing your Thinking Style and Operating Style;
  • a certified FRIS® trainer will give you feedback, from which you will learn how to utilise your predispositions in the most efficient way and how to deal with areas to improve;
  • you will understand even better how our organization and the people who create it works.

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