Benefits for you and your business
EENGINE Software House
You are important for us, therefore a dedicate Project Manager will be alloated to yout shop.
EENGINE Software House
We design each shop on the basis of the best Responsive Web Design practices, due to which the clients may freely purchase your products, both on computers and smartphones.
EENGINE Software House
Our solutions are friendly for Google location solutions, therefore with us it will be much easier for you to fight for the high place in search results and keep it.
EENGINE Software House
Due to the business analysis conducted by us, you will obtain the shop adjusted to your requirements and the industry in which you operate.
EENGINE Software House
Your shop will obtain a modern appearance and it will correspond to the highest standards of user experience. We will take care of utility placement of buttons and appearance of sub-sites due to which the clients will be able to view your offer in a comfortable manner and make purchases even more comfortably.
EENGINE Software House
We will design in your shop an optimum purchase process which in a simple and effective manner will conduct your client "to the cash register”.
What do you need?
Sklep internetowy
Internet shop

Fully adjusted to your needs and business requirements which you face in the industry in which you operate. Each implementation of ours is preced by a business analysis due to which you will learn about the costs of realization and schedule of works. We build internet shops on the basis of our author software as well as open source solutions (Magento, PrestaShop).

Rozbudowa i rozwój
Extension and development
We are able to take care of the existing internet shop or help in migration onto the more modern and more proper software. We can work together over the extension and development of your shop with new functionalities. We want that the shops of our clients were always „up to date".
Integracje z systemami
Integration with systems

An internet shop may not exist in void, separated from other systems which support its functioning on the market. The scope of our competences include:

  • integration with warehouse systems and ERP (MS Dynamics, Subiekt GT, Subiekt NEXO and others)
  • integrations with loyalty systems
  • integrations with couriers
  • integrations with dedicated solutions
Dedykowane wtyczki
Dedicated plugins

Within the frames of our services we can prepare for you a plugin which will service any business process. We possess experience in creating dedicated plugins on the Polish, American, French and Italian market.

Audyty UX/UI
UX/UI audits

We conduct complex audits of usefulness of internet shops based on A / B tests and heatmaps. All this in order to achieve the best user experience possible in your clients. We conduct a detailed analysis and we will transfer specific indications and what is more important we will help you implement them.

Audyty wydajnościowe
Performance audits

Today, the speed of shop operation and its failure-free activity with reference to the server services is the basis. First of all, because your clients expect this from you. Our administrators possess knowledge and tools in order to conduct a proper analysis and recommend the best solutions.

Audyty SEO
SEO audits

We know in what way your shop should be designed with reference to high positions in Google search engine. We possess tehnical competences of assessing the quality of the code and we are able to give you specific guidelines what should be improved and optimized so that your shop could achieve better search results.

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