As an organisation we put great effort so that we in correct and legitimate way approach personal data security issues. Below we embodied principles of:

  • collecting
  • processing
  • using

personal data of people who decide to visit our webpage and/or use application forms contained in it. It affects you also, so we warmly recommend you to accustom with following statement.

Who is the data Administrator?

Administrator of the data collected through is Sp. z o.o. with its headquarters in Aleksandrów Łódzki 95-070, ul. Pabianicka 31

In accordance with article 13 paragraph 1 and 2 of General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 we have the right to process your personal data as well as the responsibility of doing it right! 💪

Purpose of processing your personal data

We are processing your personal data in two cases:

Personal data is also processed during performing daily duties of EENGINE employees, that are aimed at attending on above-mentioned cases of data processing. It applies to actions like:

  • making contact in order to establish cooperation or conduct recruitment process, what results in using an e-mail address or phone number
  • performing statistical analysis for the Administrator’s inner use
  • keeping data for archiving purposes

How do we process personal data?

For the purposes of above-mentioned processes we collect following data:

  • contact details
  • details necessary to identify, conclude an agreement, perform a service, issue an invoice or to recruit a job candidate (but we do not e.g. follow your social media profiles)
  • identity details necessary to provide service online

All data collected through are used only for the above-mentioned processes. If in case of further processing we must engage other recipients of your personal data we use services of verified Partners, listed below:

Sometimes we have to use help provided by different subjects processing your personal data. In this situation we entrust your data only to the companies that we have data processing agreement signed with. This kind of subjects can use your data only for the purposes of the performance of the contract and supporting commercial and recruitment processes and only for the purposes appointed by us, according to binding law.

Your data is safe with us from being acquired by a third party. Our database is secured against access of a third party. During communication between your browser and our server, when your personal data is collected, we cypher the connection using SSL protocol.

We do not hand over or profile your personal data

We do not hand over your personal details to any kind of third parties, that would use them e.g. for the marketing or profiling purposes. We ourselves do not collect data for this purpose either, you can rest assured.

Our web page uses tools dedicated for the analysis of behaviour of visitors viewing our page. We do it because we want to provide you with the best and full experience of using and visiting our web page.

We use Google Analytics - this tool is dedicated for the analysis of web page’s viewership. The owner of GA is Google Inc. Google Analytics leans its functioning on “cookies”. They are the files sent by EENGINE web page and written on a device used by user (computer, smartphone or tablet). Thanks to this we can analyse the way our visitors act on our web page.

Informations involving consumer behaviour are handed over to Google Inc. Through cookie files they can be transmitted to a third party only in case when Google Inc. would be obliged to do so on the basis of law or when a third party will be processing it on the behalf of Google Inc.

Personal data that as a part of web page analysis is transmitted to Google Inc. is protected on the basis of the appropriate legal safeguards e.g. Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1250 of 12 July 2016.

If you want to know what happens with your data or to withdraw your consent for its processing

Any time you can contact us to:

  • get information about what personal data we process
  • get information about which of your personal data we process
  • withdraw consent for processing your personal details (the right to be forgotten)

If you want to perform any of actions mentioned above you just have to contact us at or call +48 42 299 96 19.

Up to the moment of withdrawing your consent we will be processing your data according to the principles mentioned above and General Data Protection Regulation.


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