The StartMeUp module within an existing application - Bank Pomysłów BZW BK.

About the project

We help to support innovations therefore together with our client - Bank Zachodni WBK – we create a possibility to establish cooperation between between startups (Polish and foreign) and BZW BK. The effect of these actions was to create a StartMeUp module within the frames of the application which already exists, namely the Bank of Ideas.


Our client needed an easy way for startups to contact the Bank and inform about their business. Because BZ WBK is very keen on supporting innovative solutions, the ideal place has turned out to be the Bank Pomysłów, where BZ WBK clients present their ideas and needs.

The StartMeUp graphic design was prepared by an interactive agency working with the client.


  • The StartMeUp module functions within the Bank Pomysłów, using mechanisms already designed there, such as user registration, but at the same time it is a separate entity - specifically dedicated to startups.
  •  Especially for startups, a mechanism has been developed to organize the challenges that they can report and offer solutions to. Every startup who wants to cooperate with BZ WBK takes part in a short survey. With it, the Bank collects the most important information about a particular startup and then aggregates them on the module's admin panel. The key issue for the client was the ability to filter and manage startup information.
  •  Since the startup market is currently under development in Poland, it was very important to prepare the English version for the StartMeUp module. One of the requirements of the client was to prepare a translation mechanism that would only handle the new section. With the use of Globalize Globalize gem, the whole Idea Bank can be enriched at any time with a new language version.
The final effect

StartMeUp was launched after six weeks of implementation and remote collaboration with the customer. Its premiere took place during one of the Wolves Summit Wolves Summit (October 2016).

Project team