Implementation of RWD template for the portal and online store

About the project is one of the most popular independent culinary websites, has been active on the Internet for 14 years. We have had the pleasure to create and implement a new graphic design based on the Responsive Web Design, in line with contemporary trends.


Our task was to adapt the existing information structure to RWD needs, while rejuvenating the image of the site. Readers of are mainly women (about 84% of all visits), and the new graphic design had to take into account these statistics.

Realizing the project we could not forget that is also an internet shop, operating in the portal structure. Our task was to create a new design in such a way so that proves itself for both the cooking service and the shop.


Responsive Web Design

One of the most important requirements of the client was to create a service in such a way that it adapted to the resolution of each type of screen: desktop, tablet, mobile devices. For this purpose, we have used the RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology to achieve the intended effect while preserving the same information architecture on all devices.

Graphic project

The main guidelines we used when creating the layout was a friendly interface based on bright, warm and pastel colors. In the new views, food images and iconography adapted to the culinary character of the site play a big role. is also a strong community centered around the portal. We have taken care to also reflect this on the page, via the social media icons or the dedicated section "User Recipes".

Online shop within the portal

Within the culinary service of works also an online shop. Our task was to unify the graphic elements so that when entering the store, the user felt that he was moving within a single, consistent service. The link to the MniamMniam store is visible both from the main menu as a separate bookmark and as individual items (eg dedicated products) directly visible under the recipes.

Dedicated software

As part of the implementation of the new layout, we adapted the information architecture to customer requirements. The database structure has been improved, resulting in improved site performance. In addition, we have created a system for mailing and newsletter. What is to be noted is that the service operates on software that has been developed and has been refactoring for over a dozen years. There has never been a shift to newer software.

They are efficient, fast, accurate. But what's most important - they understand the needs of the client well - they listen with full understanding, and not only hear.

They are open to new solutions, often suggesting optimal solutions. They are available. They react rapidly in critical situations (which, however, rarely happen, because the quality of their work is high). They take care of details. They have their own opinion, but as you need, the sentence of the client is the most important.

They are characterized by a high level of culture. They have a sense of humor. Program and It is already enough for a recommendation. I like them and recommend them because they are just great professionals in their field.

Owner of


Final effect

After several months of intensive cooperation with, the internet site has changed its appearance, adapted to the latest trends and requirements of the main target group. Full responsiveness ensures the convenience of viewing the site on any screen, and customizing the store visually makes it an integral part of the entire portal.

Our work was appreciated at the gala of the e-Commerce Polska Awards 2015, where was awarded the "Design of the Year" award.

Project team