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About the project

Since 2013 we are supporting one of the largest and most opinion-forming portal for runners in Poland. We speak, of course, about the and all of its sub-sites, which we have been developing and co-creating from the beginning of our cooperation.

The ability to support the is a great honor for us, because many of the eEngine employees are seasoned urban, mountain, short, long, and ultra distance runners. and its satellite services is a service that is being visited by several thousand runners during the course of the month. Every day, they are looking for running techniques knowledge and news about the most important running-related events in Poland and over the world. The site is updated with new information daily, and it also synchronizes with its sub-services, thus having the largest and most varied offer for all users. itself is a hub aggregating and displaying data from: was founded more than 15 years ago and since then it went through numerous modifications. These modifications applied both to the substantive and information architecture sides of the portal.

Layout modernisation according to the Responsive Web Design technique

One of the biggest changes the portal went through since its beginning was adjusting it to the Google prerequisites regarding the display on mobile devices. This “operation” was made during the course of April 2015 and required from us to completely overhaul the front-end side of the service.

Until then the was not adjusted to proper displaying itself on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). This did pose a hazard of dropping in the Google search ranks. It was important also from the perspective of meeting the expectations of users who were increasingly visiting the site from their smartphones. All off the activities that required redesigning of have been carried out and implemented on the production site within six weeks of intensive design and development works by the eEngine Team.

How the looks now is the result of a UX / UI design and analysis conducted both before the introduction of RWD technology and after the site redesign. Later changes are the result of gradual upgrading and customization of the portal to the preferences of its readers.

By designing and implementing the new information architecture of we focused our efforts primarily on achieving the following results:

  •  transparency of presented articles;
  •  implementing the Reponsive Web Design technique while maintaining the logic of the whole site (same for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones);
  •  stronger visibility of the satellite services and its contents on the included in the page.
Adjusting the service to the Doubleclick for Publisher advertising platform

One of the pillars of every informational service is to run a structured and systematic policy on banner ads displayed within its pages. It is similar with the portal, which we support in the processes of design and customization of graphics to display these types of ads. In our activities, we help in the efforts of planning, placing and most optimal use of the service area for banner advertising.

Authorisation centre for all of the satellite services is primarily a community of users, who for many years have been creating one of the most active thematic forums in Poland. Next to it there is a blogging platform allowing the runners to create their own unique content, share their thoughts and running experiences.

To maintain the engagement of active readers, provides a centre for user authentication. This is a common base of users that, in practice, allows each of them to log in to all the satellite services without having to re-register their data.

eEngine is a company we have been working with for some time to develop different projects and I can say that things are moving forward for us. By counting it strictly mathematically, they work 6 times faster than the previous company we did work with. But I will not praise them too much, because if they suddenly get too busy they might forget about :)



Final Effect

Our main tasks that we are currently implementing in cooperation with are:

  •  IT consulting for the introduction of new technological solutions within the service;
  •  maintaining and developing the portal with new features and mechanisms;
  •  UX / UI support.

Project team