EENGINE from the kitchen

At EENGINE, we develop software for business and scientific institutions. We are a software house that draws its experience mainly from the e-commerce industry. We design applications for sales and logistics systems as well as analytical applications. We integrate systems.

Who are we? A few words about EENGINE

For over 11 years in the IT industry, we have completed many different projects, constantly setting new goals and challenges, thanks to which we can dynamically develop and gain new experience.

Why is cooperating with us worth it?

We are agile

We strive to be agile in all our activities. That is why in our daily work we are most guided by the first principle of the Agile Manifesto: People and interactions, above processes and tools. Thanks to this approach, we can maintain a common-sense approach to business.

We think visually

We place great emphasis on the most effective communication with our clients. That is why we simplify complicated issues with the help of visual thinking. We draw, plot and visualize problems to find the best solution.

We're trustworthy

We have been operating in the IT industry for almost 10 years and we're sure that the best is yet to come. During this time, we've built a strong company that is constantly gaining experience and realizing more and more ambitious projects. According to Bisnode Polska, our score is 100 points.



Paweł Walaszek


Jacek Kwaśniewski


Łukasz Domański

New Business Manager



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Start-up web and mobile applications


Enterprise-industrial web applications


Construction and development of e-commerce based on open-source / Servicing and maintenance of e-commerce based on open-source

At EENGINE, work culture eats strategy for breakfast

Regardless of whether you want to sign up for EENGINE or become our client, it's worth getting to know us better. Find out more by reading our eBooks, watching vlogs or reading our company blog.

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